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(Liothyronine Sodium (50 tabs 25 mcg/tab)), Oral Route

  • GP T3

Each GP T3 tablet contains 25mcg of Liothyronine Sodium. GP T3 is available in a sachet of 50 tablets. GP T3 is prescribed to patients with hypothyroidism, a condition when the thyroid glands is under-active. This drug provides the body with the hormones that normally produced by the thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism is sometimes a natural condition but at other times it may evolve due to thyroid gland being surgically removed or injured by some medication or radiation. To have normal mental and physical activity one must have sufficient thyroid hormone levels in the body. Other cases when the drug is used include enlarged thyroid gland condition (goiter), Hashimoto's thyroiditis; the medication in those cases helps lower thyroid function. GP T3 is also often used when thyroid activity is being tested.