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GP Proviron

(Mesterolone (20 tabs 25 mg/tab)), Oral Route

  • GP Proviron

Each GP Proviron tablet contains 25 mg of Mesterolone. GP Proviron is available in a sachet of 20 tablets. GP Proviron compensates the shortage of hormones in the male sex glands (androgens); activity of those hormones decreases as men grow older. This way GP Proviron helps treat conditions developed due to insufficient production or complete absence of activity in androgens. Low dosages of this drug, as prescribed by doctors, do not have negative effect on spermatogenesis. The liver processes this drug particularly easily. GP Proviron helps remove or relieve various symptoms developed due to insufficient androgen activity; those symptoms include decreased working ability, fatigue, poor memory, decreased ability to concentrate, problems with libido and potency, irritability, disturbed sleep-cycle, depression, and other problems with the vegetative nervous system.