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Every year Geneza pharmaceuticals help millions of people worldwide treat and prevent the most serious conditions of today. We offer medicines across 11 therapeutic areas. Geneza pharmaceuticals also provide people with all necessary information concerning various conditions and their treatment. Our company goal is to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

  • Metabolism

    Metabolism - this concept underlies a wide chain of biochemical processes which take place in the body. Our body obtains the necessary energy from the food we eat (the proteins, carbohydrates, and the fats) and then makes the rest of the molecules necessary for its function. The process of metabolism is assisted by minerals and vitamins.

    GP Tren E200 GP Oxan GP Stan 50
  • Antiestrogens

    Antiestrogens are drugs that prevent the action of the hormone called estrogen. Those drugs either act as antagonists on particular tissues or as competitors against the estrogens for the receptor sites on the cells. Antiestrogens in particular are often used as part of the treatment of breast cancer.

    GP Nolva GP Anastrozole GP Letrozole
  • Digestive System

    The digestive system performs the task of receiving the food, processing it, and eliminating the wastes. A number of organs belong to this system, such as the mouth, stomach, intestines, liver, rectum, and others. The digestive system can undergo various disorders.

    GP Omeprazole GP Ranitidine
  • Cardiovascular system

    Cardiovascular system is a significant circulatory system within our body which consists of the blood vessels and the heart itself; the system transports essential nutrients and the oxygen throughout the body to nourish cells and also takes away their byproducts (carbon dioxide and other wastes). Such diseases as coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, hypertension and others are called cardiovascular diseases since they affect various parts of the cardiovascular system (the heart, blood vessels, etc.).

    GP Simvastatin GP Amiodarone GP Enalapril
  • Antifungal

    Antifungal medication is one which is prescribed when taking care of various fungal infections; those infections include ringworm, thrush, as well as those infections which are more serious (like cryptococcal meningitis).

    GP Fluconazole GP Nystatin GP Ketoconazole
  • Antibiotic

    A drug that kills bacterial infections is called antibiotic. Originally, the name antibiotic was given to particular matter which slows down the development of some particular microorganism but is a product of some other microorganism. With the development of science, synthetic antibiotics were developed which have similar effect as the natural ones; those antibiotics are still chemically similar to the original antibiotics.

    GP Amoxicillin GP Cefalexin GP Azithromycin
  • Antiviral

    Agents which either destroy the virus or diminish its ability to replicate so that the virus can no longer grow and reproduce are called antiviral. Those agents can make the disease less severe, especially in patients with depressed immune system or those receiving nutritional support.

    GP Acyclovir GP Rimantadine
  • Allergy

    The concept "allergy" means some sort of pathological or exaggerated reaction of the body (for example, sneezing, itching, running nose etc.) to foreign substances, or even situations that have no similar effect on average person. The reaction is said to be exaggerated since the body of the person is sensitive to this substance and perceives it as a potentially threatening one. Once the body comes across such a foreign substance or substances, it defends itself by calling part of the immune system into action. The substances that bring about these allergic responses are called allergens, for example dust, or various foods, like peanuts.

    GP Chloropyramine GP Loratadine
  • Sex Hormones

    Sex hormones are the hormones which act on the function and development of our reproductive organs, as well as other characteristics of sexual maturation. Those hormones include estrogen, androgen, and others. Sex hormones are synthesized in the sex gland as well as other organs which affect our sexual development. Artificial sex hormones exist as well.

    GP Test E250 GP Test C250 GP Test P100
  • Respiratory system

    Respiratory system involves the organs that have breathing as the core process of their function. This system includes lungs, bronchi, nose, throat, and larynx. Our respiratory tract has a rather impressive surface area and hence is at high risk of developing infection due to constant exposure to microbes. The severe ness of respiratory diseases varies greatly, starting from mild colds and going all the way up to heavy bacterial pneumonia.

    GP Clen
  • Thyroid Gland

    Thyroid gland is the site of hormone production and storage. Hormones produced here include those that control our body temperature, heart rate, metabolism, and blood pressure. Hormones produced in this gland play important roles in the activity of literally every single cell in our body. Thyroid hormones control our metabolic rate, thus they regulate how fast chemical reactions occur and how fast our body develops. Thyroid disease occurs when the thyroid gland doesn't supply the proper number of hormones required by the body.

    GP T3
  • Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction