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GP Acyclovir

(Acyclovir (30 tabs 200 mg/tab)), Oral Route

  • GP Acyclovir

Each GP Acyclovir capsule contains 200 mg of Acyclovir. GP Acyclovir is available in a sachet of 20 capsules. GP Acyclovir is a drug categorized as antiviral drug. This drug acts by slowing the rate at which the herpes virus develops providing the body with the time to fight the virus off. This drug is not used to kill herpes but to diminish the symptoms. Treatment of infections developed under herpes viruses often involves prescription of GP Acyclovir. Herpes viruses can bring about such diseases as genital herpes, shingles, chicken pox, and cold sores. The drug should be taken for the whole treatment period (as ordered by the doctor); be aware that the symptoms may start disappearing before the treatment course is completed. Start the infection treatment as soon as you notice the first symptoms; those symptoms may include burning, blisters, tingling. Remember that herpes infections can be transmitted to other people even during the treatment period with GP Acyclovir, thus, you should try to prevent any contact of your infected areas with other people.