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GP Fluconazole

(Fluconazole (30 tabs 50 mg/tab)), Oral Route

  • GP Fluconazole

Each GP Fluconazole capsule contains 50 mg of Fluconazole. GP Fluconazole is available in a sachet of 20 capsules. GP Fluconazole is a medication often prescribed during the treatment of fungal candidiasis infections, which also go by name of yeast or thrush infections. More specifically the drug fights such infections as vaginal and throat infections, as well as other yeast infections that may affect our body, such as infections of the abdomen lining, urinary tract infections, and even pneumonia. People who undergo special treatment through the process of receiving bone marrow transplants often take this drug as a special measure to prevent candidiasis. Moreover, the drug is also prescribed when treating meningitis, that is inflammation of the brain or spinal cord, which was brought about by fungus. Fungal infections in people who recently have gone through liver or kidney transplantation as well as AIDS patients also receive GP Fluconazole to fight the fungal infection.