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GP Nolva

(Tamoxifen Citrate (30 tabs 20 mg/tab)), Oral Route

  • GP Nolva

Each GP Nolva tablet contains 20 mg of Tamoxifen. GP Nolva is available in a sachet of 50 tablets. GP Nolva is prescribed to breast cancer patients, when the cancer cells have already spread out to other areas of the body. Other types of breast cancer are also treated by this drug; the drug is then used in combination with other medicines. Women with high risk of developing breast cancer as well as women who already have undergone surgery and radiation (condition called DCIS) also take this drug to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer. Doctors prescribe this drug for other conditions as well. The drug is a type of antiestrogen drugs. GP Nolva blocks the effect that estrogen has on some tumors. Estrogen may activate some tumors, thus GP Nolva by blocking estrogen's effect does not let the tumor develop any further.